The Mystery of Eternal Life

I have pondered on the great mystery that is Eternal Life (that is a fundamental mystery of the Christian Faith as well as other Faiths such as Hinduism,Islam etc.) and in my meditations I have understood it thus, it is not merely living without end most certainly it is not. It is not merely a transition from a state of Being or Existence wherein finite man’s brush with the shadow of death is removed and man becomes immortal and lives infinitely. It is a transformation of the nature of how one exists, it is when humanity annihilates it’s sense of self and becomes truly alive in the embrace of God who is love, peace and compassion and assumes these divine virtues of the Infinite Wellspring of Life that is God, that humanity truly begins to live. It must be noted that my simple meditations on the mystery of Eternal Life cannot totally reveal the truth of it’s nature. It must be experienced yet even with experience it still remains unfathomable. Nevertheless let us all meditate upon this great mystery and draw near to God/G-d as we explore it.


One who sincerely seeks and loves Truth…

One who sincerely seeks and loves Truth must also learn to accept the fact that the journey will be marked by loneliness and alienation and not be troubled by it.

Here is a quote of mine that brings home the fact that if one loves the Truth and seeks it earnestly, he/she must never be afraid to stand alone in the Truth.

The greatest failure…

The greatest failure in the life of humanity is the failure to seek change, the failure to return to the purity of goodness that is the foundation of our very being. It is the failure to forsake evil and the slothfulness of moral apathy and despair that have lead us to such an abyss of darkness. Let us then seek with all our hearts to free ourselves from the bondage of evil and abide in the light of truth. Let us seek to free ourselves from the death of sin and seek the source of goodness that is God. This is what it means to love and know God, this is what it means to have faith that saves us from death. If we fail to seek that small ray of goodness, how then can we seek to love the Sun from whom the True Light of Life comes and from whom the ray of goodness has it’s source?

Here is a quote that I came up with. Let us meditate upon it and seek to free ourselves from the chains of death wrought upon our being by sin. To be truly human is to be Divine which implies a recognition of the Divine Image within us. which has to lead us to understand exactly how radically pure the goodness of the Divine Creator is. Let this quote be an affirmation for all of humanity to reject evil and the destruction that it brings and to seek the source of truth and peace: God/G-d.

Do Hindus Worship Many Gods?: A Talk by Professor Nick Sutton from The Oxford Center for Hindu Studies

Here is a fascinating talk by Professor Nick Sutton of the Oxford Center for Hindu Studies on the various theological positions on God in Hinduism.

An Important Note: if one seeks to know more about Hindu Philosophy do consider the works of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Gavin Flood, Francis X. Clooney and the primary works of the philosophers and Sacred Scripture mentioned in the talk. Wikipedia does have many great articles and references about Hindu thought as well.

Some Problems with the Problem of Evil

A profound post on the Problem of Evil from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

Everyday Asceticism

[I]t is God alone Who exists, evil is non-being, the negation and antithesis of good.

~ St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation of the Logos of God, 1.4

The problem of evil is one of the most challenging and studied theological and philosophical problems. In academic discussions, it is typically formulated as follows:

  1. If God exists, then God is omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect.
  2. If God is omnipotent, then God has the power to eliminate all evil.
  3. If God is omniscient, then God knows when evil exists.
  4. If God is morally perfect, then God has the desire to eliminate all evil.
  5. Evil exists.
  6. If evil exists and God exists, then either God doesn’t have the power to eliminate all evil, or doesn’t know when evil exists, or doesn’t have the desire to eliminate all evil.
  7. Therefore, God doesn’t exist.

While discussing the soundness of these premises is worthwhile in its…

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A Reason For Living by Tim Keller

Here is a powerful video on the Existential question of meaning without which Humanity cannot live . That is not to say that it is mere ideology, it is however a refusal to give in to meaningless nihilism. This is the meaning of Christ Jesus who is the prototype of a meaningful existence, world and way of being which is found only in man’s transformation through union with G-d/God.