5 Myths about the 7 Deuterocanonical Books of the Christian Bible

Check out this great and informative article about the Deuterocanonical books of the Bible. This is written from a Catholic perspective but nonetheless makes some very important points about the development of the Christian Biblical Canon.

5 Myths about 7 Books


4 thoughts on “5 Myths about the 7 Deuterocanonical Books of the Christian Bible

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve encountered “extreme” views on the deuterocanonical books by “both sides.” I think what it comes down to is that this is history, and there is a subjectivity to history, and what happened can be interpreted in different ways. It is easy to twist what someone said, or overemphasize a certain aspect, etc. Just my general thoughts and two cents! : )

    • I agree with you completely. From what I have discovered for myself we have to accept the authority of the early church not just for the deuterocanonical books of the bible but even the books that are accepted by Evangelicals/Protestants. What people tend to forget is that even the books that are accepted by all Christians today were selected by the Early Church which included the Roman and Eastern churches. So when some people say that the Catholic Church added books to the Bible or corrupted it, what they fail to realise is that they are implicitly implying that the rest of Scripture is questionable and thereby ‘corrupted’ since after all, the Canon of Scripture that we have today was selected by the Church of Rome and the Eastern Churches. In short, to imply that the Biblical Canon of the Early Church is corrupt is to cast doubt on the validity of Christianity itself. I hope that helps.

      I pray everyday that all of God’s people may take the history of the Early Church more seriously and restore communion with one another in accordance with Christ’s prayer for unity in John Chapter 17.

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