The Mystery of Eternal Life

I have pondered on the great mystery that is Eternal Life (that is a fundamental mystery of the Christian Faith as well as other Faiths such as Hinduism,Islam etc.) and in my meditations I have understood it thus, it is not merely living without end most certainly it is not. It is not merely a transition from a state of Being or Existence wherein finite man’s brush with the shadow of death is removed and man becomes immortal and lives infinitely. It is a transformation of the nature of how one exists, it is when humanity annihilates it’s sense of self and becomes truly alive in the embrace of God who is love, peace and compassion and assumes these divine virtues of the Infinite Wellspring of Life that is God, that humanity truly begins to live. It must be noted that my simple meditations on the mystery of Eternal Life cannot totally reveal the truth of it’s nature. It must be experienced yet even with experience it still remains unfathomable. Nevertheless let us all meditate upon this great mystery and draw near to God/G-d as we explore it.


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