The Mystery of the Sign of the Cross: A sign that proclaims the Christian’s Death to the ways of the World and an emphatic declaration of undying faith in Jesus Christ

One of the most meaningful,mystical and perhaps most misunderstood worship practice of Christians is the Sign of the Cross. It is of utmost importance to remember that it was a historical sign of faith for the early Christians and has no foreign origins. It is thoroughly Christian! The Sign of the Cross is and must be understood as a proclamation and prayer of the Christian who invokes the Blessed Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through it and also proclaims faith in Christ as well. It is also a Sign that vividly reminds and exhorts a Christian to remember that we are partakers in the sacrificial redeeming death of Christ Jesus our Lord through His Cross of Suffering. The Cross of Christ being what it is symbolizes to the Christian the Mystery of Life Eternal through a “Death” to the world. That is not to say that we are to deny the beauty and value of God/G-d’s Creation rather we are to contemplate the source of all that is good in God and die to the lusts of Sin that distort God’s intended purpose of Creation. Let us all then meditate upon the Sacred Sign of the Cross that always reminds us to boldly proclaim our faith in Christ Jesus and exhorts us to embrace the Christian Life fully which is to live the Crucified Life that Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us all to.

Note: The Sign of the Cross is an essential part of the prayer life of  Catholics, Chalcedonian and Non-Chalcedonian Orthodox Christians and the Assyrian Church of the East.It is also practiced predominantly by Lutherans within Protestant Christianity.


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