Orthodoxy Without Christ

Here is a very timely homily on Christian faith that is deficient without Christ Jesus. Although it’s from an Orthodox perspective it is of utmost importance for all Christians to ponder over the things that have been discussed. May God bless the priest who delivered this homily to the Faithful with Wisdom and steadfast Love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Orthodox Life

Sermon Text:  John 1:19-28

Can you imagine believing in the one true God, worshiping Him in the one true way, and being a member of the one true religion that He set up, and still missing Christ? Still missing out on salvation, missing out on knowing the Lord Jesus Christ?

That’s what struck me about this passage today. When we look at this passage from the Gospel of John, we see the Pharisees coming and talking to John. And this was not some sort of evangelistic session like we would think of today, where we’re going to try to convince somebody in the existence of God. This is not the sort of thing where we’re trying to convince somebody that there is a correct way to worship Him. And this is not the type of situation where we are trying to convince somebody that there is a Messiah. The Pharisees already…

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