Salvation from what?

An interesting article on Salvation by a Catholic Priest: Father Martin Flatman.

Fr Martin Flatman's Blog

Confusing isn’t it, when Jesus almost in one breath tells us that many will come into the kingdom – into heaven- from the four corners of the world, when he has just said that the gate is narrow and few will enter? (Luke 13:22-30) Of course, as with his saying that we should cut off our hand if it does wrong, we’re not meant to take what he says literally; but nonetheless we need to make sense of it. St Paul too is full of joy that we are saved (1 Cor 15:2 Eph 2:5) and yet he tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, as if we have not been saved. (Phil 2:12) The point that both are making is that God has given us a free gift – eternal life with him in what we call heaven – but we have to unpack that…

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