What is Love?

A beautiful meditation on the nature of Love and it’s source: God

Darrell's Thoughts and Reflections

LoveThis topic recently came up with some friends at work.  We were discussing whether love is real or purely an emotion that has its basis in a person’s brain, and whether or not we as humans have the capacity to love perfectly.  It is an interesting topic, and is one that you will find multiple opinions on in our increasingly pluralistic society.

With the growth of atheism, materialism, and agnosticism in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries, one belief that has become quite popular is that love, as well as all other emotions, are simply products of physical reactions in the human brain.  In the worldview of Philosophical Materialism, there is no “reality” outside of the material world.  A non-physical reality cannot be tested or quantified scientifically and does not exist.  Given this, emotions are viewed as functions of the chemical reactions in the brain.  Outside of the chemical reactions, the emotions themselves do not exist and have no reality…

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