Each Hearing in His Own Native Tongue

Here is a wonderful post on a priest: Father John Neale who was instrumental in translating many of the the ancient and timeless hymns of the Church of Christ some of which include O come,O come, Emmanuel. The beauty of this is that Father John recognized the necessity of having hymns written and translated in the the native tongue of every tribe in every nation. May this be a testimony to the universality of the Christian faith and may we pray for our brothers and sisters who are engaged in the endeavour of bringing the Word of God and the Hymns of the Saints and Angels to all people in every corner of the world,Amen!

Like Mendicant Monks...

August 6, Repose of John Mason Neale (1818-1866)

The miracle of Pentecost is one which I think we take for granted in this age of google translate. That each of those diverse peoples present at the coming of the Divine Spirit could hear the good news proclaimed in his own native language is not only astonishing, but a source of great comfort.

In our own time and historical circumstance, we can be grateful for many reliable and storied translations of the Scriptures in our mother tongue of English. Indeed the King James Bible, for example, which recently celebrated its 400th anniversary, is not only a reliable translation of the original text but an inspiration for countless works of English literature.

So much is well and good for the Scriptures in English. But what of other important modes for divine communion? What of the Divine Services, especially the ancient…

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