A beautiful prayer by one of my favourite early christian saints, Saint Augustine.

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O divine love, O sacred bond which unites the Father and the Son, all powerful Spirit, faithful consoler of the afflicted, penetrate the depths of my heart, and make Your dazzling light shine therein! Pour forth Your sweet dew on this desert land, and bring to an end its long continued dryness!

Send the celestial beams of Your love into the very sanctuary of my soul, so that, entering there, they may kindle burning flames to consume all my weakness, my negligence, my languor! Come, then, come, sweet comforter of desolate souls, refuge in danger, and protector in distress! Come, You who cleanse souls from thin stains, and cure them of their wounds! Come, strength of the weak, support of the falling! Come, teacher of the humble, and vanquisher of the proud! Come, Father of orphans, hope of the poor, treasure of those who are in want! Come, star of…

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